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The Gasthof Mühlwinkl is a cozy Bavarian restaurant in Staudach-Egerndach. Our menu features hearty specialties and popular international classics. The owner personally cooks for you to make sure that your food is healthy and prepared in an ideal way. This way, our dishes taste excellent and provide you with lots of nutrients. We use fresh produce wherever possible. Our friendly staff will always find a comfortable table where you can eat and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. Let the evening end gently with a nice glass of wine or a Bavarian beer specialty.

Regional & Seasonal

Our kitchen staff will make you happy with hearty Bavarian specialties based on regional recipes. Our venison mostly comes from the Bavarian forests and from our own fenced area. We get our fresh whitefish right from the Chiemsee and we also serve other specialties from local fishing grounds. Our daily menu is always a pleasant surprise. It features individual seasonal dishes that we prepare in a traditional Bavarian way.

Café & Beer Garden

During the warm summer months, you can sit on our lovely terrace with beer garden and enjoy the pleasant company. Visit us for a cool beer, a hearty Bavarian snack or a nice cup of coffee that is best enjoyed with a piece of our home-made cake. Our very own playground and the animals to pet make the stay an unforgettable experience for all children.


Bavarian Bread Soup
€ 4.20
beef consommé with gently fried rye bread, roasted bacon and chives
Delicious Tomato Soup
€ 4.30
with crispy-fried white bread cubes and cream topping
French Onion Soup
€ 4.80
with baked cheese toast
1/2 Dozen Escargots
€ 6.90
baked with home-made herb butter and served with white bread
Bavarian bruschetta
€ 3.80
crispy farmhouse bread with garlic butter, marinated tomatoes and garden herbs
Smoked salmon
€ 11.90
with grated cachi, honey-mustard-dill


Salad Plate with Tuna
€ 8.90
with boiled egg, mild green peppers, onion rings, house-made dressing and toast
Styrian Salad
€ 11.80
with baked chicken breast, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and toast
Salad in the Style of the Lady of the House
€ 14.90
grilled king prawns, variety of salads, cucumber, bell pepper, radish and melon served with our honey-mustard vinaigrette and toast
Gasthof Mühlwinkl Speisen 3

Meat Dishes

Pork Schnitzel Viennese from the Saddle
€ 11.90
with fries, cranberries and salad
Sliced Chicken Breast in Creamy Sauce
€ 11.80
with stir-fried vegetables and coconut-curry sauce in a ring of rice
Pork Saddle Steak
€ 12.60
with button mushroom sauce, house-made spaetzle (egg noodles) and salad
Barbecue Plate (small beef schnitzel, pork, and chicken)
€ 12.80
with grilled sausages, vegetables
Cordon Bleu
€ 13.80
breaded pork saddle steak filled with ham and cheese, served with fries and salad
Viennese Fried Beef and Onions in Gravy
€ 19.80
Bavarian beef tenderloin with home-made fried onions, fried potatoes and mixed salad.
€ 19.80
from Bavarian beef tenderloin, served with home-made herb butter, fries and buttered bush beans
Mühlwinkl’s “Holzknechtsteak” (Woodcutter’s Steak)
€ 11.80
shoulder of pork with fried button mushrooms baked with a Bayerntaler cheese topping, served with fried potatoes and coleslaw

Fish Dishes

Baked Rock Salmon Fillet
€ 7.90
with potato-cucumber salad and remoulade sauce
Zander Fillet
€ 16.80
fried in home-made herb butter, served with boiled potatoes and mixed salad
Gasthof Mühlwinkl Brotzeit

Traditional Bavarian Specialties

Baked Spleen Sausage (a traditional Bavarian specialty)
€ 6.90
with pork gravy and potato salad
Fried Bavarian “Leberkäse”
€ 8.90
with fried egg, boiled potatoes and salad


Toast Hawaii
€ 6.90
with a delicious side salad
“Strammer Max”
€ 6.90
with a delicious side salad (2 fried eggs)
Holzknecht Toast (woodcutter’s toast)
€ 9.80
small shoulder of pork on fried rye bread, served with button mushrooms, crispy bacon, baked Camembert and a mixed salad
Cossack’s Toast
€ 12.90
beef tenderloin strips in a piquant sauce with tomato cubes, pickle and bush beans, served with salad

For Gourmets

Mühlwinkl’s Gourmet Platter
€ 29.90
small beef steaks, pork and chicken breast, served with grilled sausages, sauté button mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, salad, fruits, fries and potato pancakes

Vegetarian Dishes

Mühlwinkel’s Cabbage or Cheese Spaetzle (small round egg noodles)
€ 8.70
with fried onions and a mixed salad
Mushroom Ragout on Pan-Fried Hash Browns
€ 11.90
with cheese topping and salad
Schokomousse 12 002


Home-Made Brown Chocolate Mousse
€ 5.20
on sieved fruit, served with seasonal fruits
3 Deep-Fried Apple Rings
€ 4.90
served with 1 scoop of walnut ice cream and some whipped cream

Welcome to the Gasthof Mühlwinkl!

*Company holidays*
April 18th until 04/29/24 and 08/26. until 09/03/24

Opening hours:

Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8 a.m. - midnight
Lunch 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. & dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m
Open Wednesday from 4 p.m., dinner 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m
Closed on Tuesday and Thursday

*Arrival possible on rest days, restaurant remains closed!*

*New: E-charging station for our guests
as part of the Tourism in Bavaria funding program, Fit for the Future